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Cranio Facial Therapy Academy 1

November 2 – 5 2023
Bethesda, MD


CRAFTA®  delivers a unique and effective treatment and management of patients with temporomandibular and craniofacial dysfunctions and pain. The CRAFTA® courses were developed to meet the interests of physical therapists, speech pathologists, and dentists.  These courses will be taught by Michiel Trouw – a Master manual therapist and an extended-scope physiotherapist. A graduate of the University of Utrecht (Netherlands), Michiel has taught the CRAFTA®  concept since 2011.

The course focuses on assessing and managing the craniomandibular-facial region and its functional relations. Students will learn about pain mechanisms of the relevant craniomandibular structures, the temporomandibular joint function (TMJ) function, and the neurophysiological, biomechanical, and functional relationships with the cervical spine.

“This course was fantastic and well above my expectations. The instructor, Michiel Trouw, provided all the theory and research behind the CRAFTA techniques followed by teacher demonstrations and hands-on labs. The online modules are great for reference and review of information and techniques learned in class. I am so excited to have new ways to address a patient population that I could often help only temporary, but they would rebound. Now I have the tools to address the source of pain. Thank you Michiel and thank you Myopain Seminars for bringing CRAFTA to the US!”

Jennifer Taylor, PT,MPT, COMT, Annapolis MD

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Certification Is Easy With Myopain Seminars


Myopain Seminars is the only provider you’ll need to attain your certification in a wide range of myofascial pain management techniques. We’ll help you every step of the way, so you leave the classroom with a comprehensive and well-rounded education. Myopain Seminars’ curriculum is designed for long-term retention once you leave the classroom by being presented in easy-to-understand and engaging formats.

Our instructors are at the forefront of dry needling innovation – you’ll find the names of our experts in your textbooks, peer-reviewed journals, and associations worldwide. We ensure that our classrooms always have a student/instructor ratio that’s better than any other school or course provider. This is a key pillar of our institute, as it guarantees that you’ll have plenty of hands-on opportunities to learn.

Three Easy Steps to Certification

Dry Needling Certification Process


Study with the Experts

The Dry Needling 1: Foundations I course is an excellent starting point for learning the fundamentals of dry needling therapy. With a focus on the safe and effective application of dry needling techniques, you will gain a solid understanding of myofascial trigger points, needling techniques, precautions, and how to apply these techniques in clinical practice.

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Expanding Your Skillset

The Dry Needling 2: Foundations II course is an intermediate-level course that provides in-depth knowledge and hands-on training for dry needling techniques of the extremities, including the upper and lower body. By completing this course, you will expand upon the skills you acquired in the DN-1 course and better understand the application of dry needling for managing musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

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Achieving Clinical Proficiency

The Dry Needling 3: Advanced course is the final course in the series and the last step before becoming a Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist – Dry Needling (CMTPT/DN). This course offers an in-depth study of advanced dry needling techniques for hand muscles, several lower extremity and foot muscles, the craniofacial and craniomandibular muscles, and more. The DN-3 course allows you to achieve the highest level of clinical proficiency in managing patients with myofascial pain.

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A World-Class Education Starts With World-Class Instructors

At Myopain Seminars, we believe a dry needling curriculum is only as good as the instructors presenting it. That’s why we’re proud to offer a team of leading experts with extensive experience in trigger point dry needling.

Our instructors have authored textbooks, conducted research, and taught courses around the world, and they bring their real-world expertise to every course they teach.


What Are Students Saying About Myopain Seminars?

Myopain Seminars is The Obvious Choice for learning dry needling, but don’t just take our word for it. Hear about success stories and personal experiences from past and present Myopain students.

Myopain Seminars Online Webinars

Cutting-Edge Curriculum From the Comfort of Your Home

The world is changing – and so are we! Myopain Seminars is excited to offer you our online webinars, bringing our world-renowned education to you anytime and anywhere. Our webinars are designed to provide the same high-quality education as our in-person courses but with the added convenience of learning whenever and wherever you want.

Myopain Seminars webinars are a perfect addition to your education program by providing a new perspective on dry needling curriculum while helping you fulfill your state’s CEU requirements. Stay tuned for even more options to enhance your education online in 2023, including new courses and learning opportunities in unique and engaging formats. Join us for our online webinars and continue your journey toward becoming a top-notch dry needling practitioner!

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